Skill’s sports Video for your
        High School Student for
          Collage Scholarship.

    Let us Create One For You.

                Home Photo & Movie Transfers

   Preservation of all your Photos and
    Home Movies

    Highest Quality Transfers and Restorations

    VHS transferred to DVD
    8mm movies transferred to DVD

    Photos, 35mm slides, digitalized, made into a
    video montage put to music you select or our        own music.
                     Life Reviews

Preserve Memories of a Lifetime for Generations to come.
Remember your grandfather telling you stories of his younger days? When you tell your children of you own life, and you start talking about their grandma and grandpa some of the memories are lost and we wish their grandparents could tell their stories to our children in their own words.

If you are like any of the rest of us, you have often thought about how you could get your parents to place their life histories onto some type of viewable media they you will have to pass along to generations to come. You may in years to come yourself  have a desire to preserve your significant life experiences for your adult children.

Professional editing and shooting of your video will make you look and sound your best!
    Stan's Affordable Videography